Commercial Templates

Commercial templates are the main part of our business at Kelly Mason Productions. Designed for contemporary entrepreneurs and smaller businesses, they can help you define your brand and expand your reach without breaking the bank. To learn more, visit the commercial templates page.

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Creating Custom Video Content

The Web is an invaluable tool for marketing in today’s economy, and its importance is only increasing. And within that medium, video is quickly becoming one of the most important components in every successful branding campaign. With this in mind, Kelly Mason Productions produces quality, engaging video communication designed to help our clients maximize their branding power on the Web. Whether you need a custom web commercial, a music video, or just a promotional reel for your company, Kelly Mason Productions has the experience, technical knowledge, and intuition to help you grow your business with video.

We’ll interview you to find out what story you want to tell. We’ll even go to your home or office so we can get a feel for the environment you live and work in. We’ll scout your location to get an idea of how best to tell your story with visuals. We write and edit, so we’ll help you say what it is you want to say with clarity. We’ll rehearse with you prior to filming.

We want you to feel comfortable. We’ll give you expert direction and performance coaching so you look and sound your best on-camera. We’ll even use a teleprompter. We film in HD with great sound and lighting.

Creative editing, links to your website, social media pages, and YouTube.

Additional Services

Video Biography:
Give yourself an edge. Let people see and hear you personally convey your message on your website.

Tribute Videos:
Retiring or winning an award? Make your occasion memorable by showing a video biography. A wonderful gift!

Lawyer Videos:
Many people are more comfortable seeing and hearing a lawyer before signing up with them. So, give your potential clients a feel for how you work by presenting yourself in a video biography.

CEO Video Biography:
A great way to talk to your corporate clients and put a friendly face on your company.

Real Estate Video:
You sell houses. We help sell you. Market yourself with a video biography.

Athlete Video:
Playing to get a scholarship in the US? Seeing is believing. Show the registrar just how talented you are in a video biography.

Video Will:
Read your own will! Explain for yourself who gets what. A video serves as accompaniment to your legal, written will.

Promotional Video:
Make your key points. Educate consumers on your product or cause.

On Camera Auditions:
Create an online audition for actors, musicians, or stand-up comedians.

The possibilities of the power of video are limitless! Let us know how we can best serve you.

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