Commercial Templates

Who We’re Looking For

At Kelly Mason Productions, we are constantly looking for inspiring subjects to use in our commercial templates. Unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere at once, so we’re bound to miss some great shooting opportunities. That’s where you come in.

Are you a freelance photographer or videographer looking for a creative outlet? Do you have lots of great material stored away on hard drives gathering dust on the shelf? We’re interested in you. We want to see your footage and photography, and incorporate it into our commercial templates.

Check out our templates library. If you think your style would be a good fit for Kelly Mason Productions, and you think you’d be interested in working with us, we want to see your work.

How To Submit

To apply to be a contributor, you must submit a sample commercial template. Using footage and/or stills you have taken, cut together a reel between 10 seconds and 3 minutes in length that you think embodies specific branding concepts, such as happiness, comfort, excitement, etc. Using a large file transfer site such as We Transfer, send it to

Submission Requirements

- Submission must be between 10 seconds and 3 minutes in length
- Submission must be shot in either 1080p or 720p high definition
- You must have model and property releases available
- Film is OK, but you must be able to convert your footage to a digital format in order to submit it
- You must own the copyright on all content included in your submission, or have permission from the copyright owner for any content that is not original

In your submission, please include the following information:
- What format and camera the footage was acquired on
- What the material was originally shot for
- Metadata for your submission
- Has this footage been submitted to any other companies that works with stock footage?
- The date of the submission
- Your contact information
- Any other pertinent information you wish to include that you think will be of use to us

Submitting your work to Kelly Mason Productions does not guarantee that we will accept it. If we decide that your submission meets our quality standards, we will be in touch with information about next steps. We will not use or sell your footage without your permission. Contributors will receive a 25% commission of the sale of each commercial template they submit (templates are only sold once).

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