Rock Star Cooking is a reality cooking show currently being developed by Kelly Mason Productions. It follows your favorite Rock Star celebrities into their kitchens, to watch them cook their favorite road trip recipes. Click here to visit the official Rock Star Cooking website.
In the past, Rock Stars were often famous for their reckless, self-destructive lifestyles. But times have changed, and Rock Star Cooking reveals the positive nutritional choices that many musicians are making, allowing them to share their secret recipes with the world.

Today’s Rock Stars are passionate about encouraging healthy choices, particularly to children and youth. Bif Naked, a Canadian punk rocker and raw food vegan, explains, “Children look to celebrities for inspiration and purpose.” To promote healthy, positive attitudes to their young fans, each episode of Rock Star Cooking features a child or youth from a disadvantaged background. These special guests represent a charity of the Rock Star?s choice, such as Feeding America, an organization dedicated to feeding the hungry that is supported by musicians like Bob Dylan and Alicia Keys. Rock Star Cooking gives young aspiring Rock Stars the chance to live their dream for a day, and cook with their favorite Rock Star.

Each episode features two Rock Stars preparing a meal for their young guest. The show serves as inspiration to today’s younger generation, and makes eating right and living healthy a cool thing to do.