Working With Getty Images

Kelly Mason came on board at Getty Images in 2003, when there were only a handful of filmmakers on staff. Her first assignment there became Getty’s biggest-selling project ever, earning millions for the company. Following this great success, she was invited to be a lifetime contributor, and continues to create content for Getty despite her busy schedule.

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Because we have worked closely with art directors at Getty Images for so long, at Kelly Mason Productions we know the market well. We know what will sell, and what won’t. People who buy stock images and footage from Getty don’t want it to look that way. They want footage that is unique, attractive, artistic and inexpensive. This is the philosophy that has made Getty Images one of the biggest names in ready-made content, and it is the same philosophy for success that we apply to our commercial templates.

Our Commercial Templates

A short, one-shot clip from Getty can cost as much as $5000; just imagine how much it costs to have a custom commercial produced. Our experience with Getty has taught us exactly what people are looking for in their pre-shot footage, and that is what we deliver with commercial templates. Kelly Mason Productions creates unique, artistic, industry-level commercial templates that are available to advertisers at a fraction of the cost of a custom commercial, with all of the knowledge and ability that brought such success to Getty Images.

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