I had prayed for a yoga retreat for the past 6 years. I had had 2 kids and gone through post pardum depression and some serious ups and downs.  In fact, when I was super down one day, probably my most downest day ever, and I was taking a walk through the town of Fort Langley, and a huge hand appeared from the sky. It was the hand of Tony Robbins.  That’s right, one of the most positive people in the world.  And he said, “hello, I’m Tony Robbins, what’s your name?”  And he never wavered from looking directly into my eyes.  Like he knew I needed help. He said, “Is this your family?  Your children?  So nice to meet you.  Take Care of yourself” and with a big comforting smile he let go of my hand and on my way I went.  Instantly healed.

So, years later, the perfect yoga retreat appeared.  On the internet.  I was searching for Kundalini classes.  There it was, in Costa Rica with Mary Paterson.  Never been to her class, figured I’d better go. Walked in a half an hour late, unknowingly.  Really enjoyed the class and told her afterwards, I am coming on your retreat.  And within 48 hours I had booked the trip.

The retreat was amazing, the resort was amazing, the ladies I met and practiced with and Mary – my new teacher, all amazing.  We shot a bunch of footage while we were there for her to use as promotional tools.

This is Mary’s link on YouTube.