Here is a little story of manifesting.  I had just had my second child, Jesse.  He was 3 months old and I was itching for creative work.  Going a little crazy actually.  So I decided to create a piece for my Director/DP reel that would involve a 360 degree move, big green screen stuff and a herd of horses with gorgeous models in evening dresses riding towards the camera.  The crew was in place, location, animal wrangler, stunt doubles, gear, etc and then I got a call.  The day before principal photography.  It was may agent, Barbara Bird.  She said, “Kelly, Apple Computers just called looking for a production company to bid on the job, and I told them they need Kelly Mason”.  I said,  ”Thanks Barbs but I’m busy, about to shoot a huge spot for my reel”.  Then I remembered her tone getting quite firm, “its Apple Computers and you will get paid.”

As God had it, I won the bid.  The Apple team came to Vancouver.  I got to hire all my friends.  And had a very bonding experience with Sarah.  She walked into the studio and said, “I have been up since 3:00 with my 18 month old and I said, “So have I!”

So, it is amazing how reality unfolds, just when you think you are creating something perfect and right, that desire to create manifests in a way that one would have never expected – always better.