Kelly Mason Productions

Kelly Mason Productions is a film production company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We create high-quality, engaging video content, primarily for use on the Web. However, we are capable and experienced in all forms of video content, and are ready to work with our clients to create whatever content they require.

Kelly Mason Productions was created by CEO Kelly Mason in 2008. With over 25 years of experience working in the film industry, Kelly has a keen instinct for all things film related, and puts that knowledge to use by consistently pleasing her clients.

We have a dedicated team that will help you achieve your vision; to learn more about them, use the links above.

Commercial Templates

Kelly Mason Productions is doing something unique. With the big ad agencies, it can be difficult to get a quality commercial without reaching deep into your pockets; budgets for a 30-second commercial can sometimes approach seven figures. We recognize that this is unmanageable for many smaller businesses. We have created a solution.

We create pre-made industry-level, broadcast quality commercial templates for broadcast and the Web. Similar to the way that Getty Images provides stock motion picture clips, we have full commercials created with specific branding concepts in mind already made and available for purchase. Our commercial templates are of high quality, and because the production is already done they are available at a substantially lower cost than a custom commercial. Once you choose the right template from our library that suits your needs, we will customize it to fit your company, adding music, voiceovers, images and motion graphics to reinforce the message of your brand.
To learn more about commercial templates, watch the video below or visit the commercial templates page.

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